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Are You Ready For Your Colonoscopy Exam?

Colonoscopies get a bad rap in society- seen as more of an invasion than a regular procedure. There’s nothing to fear, and getting one can save your life if it catches issues within your rectum early. A colonoscopy is a procedure used to examine the lining of the colon and rectum.

There are various reasons why a doctor might recommend a colonoscopy. It can evaluate changes in the colon’s lining caused by inflammatory disorders, check on gastrointestinal symptoms like intestinal bleeding, changes in bowel habits, and abdominal pain. There are also routine screenings for cancer and any signs of colorectal polyps.

It’s essential to be aware of regular screenings. Colon cancer is the third most common type of cancer. Catching it early is the best way to save your life. Consider colonoscopy in mt pleasant services. You can get a check-up whether you have symptoms or want to stay healthy.

This procedure requires sedation, so you can’t drive or operate machinery until at least the following day. It’s a good idea to have someone around to help you afterward to get home. The process will be painless, and some don’t even remember going through the colonoscopy examination.

colonoscopy in mt pleasant

A licensed physician should do it. The patient has to lie on their left side or back. The physician will then guide a flexible tube with a tiny camera attached through your anus and into the colon. They will slowly withdraw the camera once the tube reaches the point where your colon meets the small intestine-reviewing the live camera feed for any abnormalities.

The procedure only takes between thirty to sixty minutes. A minimally invasive procedure that can save your life is worth the time. Choose the professional that best suits your lifestyle and schedule. Don’t waste any time and make the call today.