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Dialectic Behavioral Therapy: A Different Kind of Help

These days, we are seeing more and more people looking for help with various kinds of mental issues they feel they have that need to be addressed. Folks seeking help come from all backgrounds, all kinds of different races and nationalities, and all kinds of different ages. If you think you could benefit from some sort of counseling, you could do yourself a great service by looking into it and seeing what your options are.

dialectical behavior therapy reno

There are numerous kinds of therapy out there, and depending on the problem you are facing, you could end up benefiting from dialectic behavioral therapy, also known as DBT for short.

What is Dialectic Behavioral Therapy?

DBT is a form of psychotherapy that was originally started as a potential method to help treat those suffering from borderline personality disorder. As time has went on since it became used more and more by different counselors, many professionals have found that this kind of therapy can help a wide variety of patients.

If you deal with any of these problems, you might find that DBT could be a good type of therapy for you to consider for yourself:

1. Mood disorders.

Anyone who deals with constant mood swings might find this type of therapy useful, as it could potentially help the patient find their mood triggers and how to control them.

2. Drug or alcohol abuse.

People who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction could benefit from this kind of therapy, which could help them figure out why they are addicted, and healthy ways they can change their behavior and kick their bad habits.

3. Suicidal thoughts or actions.

Suicide is simply a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and it affects way more than the person attempting it. Suicide can destroy families and wreck the lives of those close to you, so think about reaching out for help immediately if you are having suicidal thoughts or desires.

When you’re ready, consider picking up the phone and scheduling a visit with local dialectical behavior therapy reno professionals, who will be able to utilize their years of training and experience in the field to help you identify why you’re feeling a certain way or doing certain things, and then help you find healthier alternatives to these things.